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Submitted by: Gregory Warner

Busy fundraisers need to zero-in on major givers (wealthy individuals) and legacy givers (those who intend to leave money to charity in their will after their lifetime). When they do, they raise more money, more efficiently and at lower costs.

MarketSmart provides services along with a software platform (Saas) that enables fundraisers to see precisely who is engaging with their website (and, therefore, is passionate about their organization's mission). We capture donor survey responses, information downloads, clicks and more to provide fundraisers with an "engagement score" based on our proprietary tracking algorithm.

Now fundraisers can approach only the most passionate supporters for gifts at the right time instead of cold-calling and interrupting prospects when their interest is low.

Many of the largest nonprofits in the world are already using our system and more keep signing up each week.

How did working with a SCORE mentor help your business find success? (In 75 words maximum)

Working with SCORE has been instrumental to the success of this business. My mentor is always ready to help. I prepare a digest/update for him prior to our meeting in which I make sure to pick out some areas where I think he might be able to help me. He comes prepared with mind-blowing recommendations based on his vast experience. Plus he always adds insights into areas I had not even thought about. The experience has been essential for the success of my business and millions (even billions) of dollars are now being raised for nonprofits thanks to you!

A selfie tells the story of you. What one thing about your business reflects your authentic self that you want the whole world to know? (In 250 words maximum)

Sorry but we're not zany or wild. We are fun but we are serious about our mission. The whiteboard is where our magic happens. So, while it would have been fun to take a whacky selfie, my staff decided that we should use a picture of some of us doing what we usually do... innovate to help nonprofits raise more money at lower costs... faster and more efficiently.

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